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Appdata Minecraft

The Appdata Minecraft folder is certainly one widespread challenge that’s questioned plenty. Look for your answer down below.

Where is my Minecraft Appdata file for Windows?
I don’t have a Minecraft file. I’ve searched using forums and instructional videos, followed all of the steps. I simply do not have one. I’ve got Windows on my computer, and I also have “view hidden files” activated. I have look in the roaming folder of my appdata file, with hidden files turned on. I would like to locate my directory in order to use a mod, could someone please inform me the reason why my folder isn’t displaying?

Preferred Solutions

===Solution 1===
To get to the .minecraft folder, you can always just open up Run from the start menu and type %appdata%\.minecraft\, then click Run. It will open up your Minecraft folder.

===Solution 2===
If you’ve run Minecraft within your computer, you then will have a .minecraft file. It may be a bit difficult to discover. Listed below is an really easy approach to arrive at it:

1. Launch Minecraft.
2. Select “Mods and Texture Packs”.
3. Select “Open Texture Pack folder”.
4. Go up one level.

===Solution 3===
If you’re an Windows client and are also unfamiliar with how to locate your appdata folder, go along with these simple steps:

1. Mouse click “Start” then on “Run”. Should you not see “Run” try holding down your “Windows” key and press the R key.
2. Type %appdata% (case doesn’t matter but be sure to include the % markers) and click OK.
3. Open the .minecraft folder.